Personal Favorite • Tinted Lip Oil

Personal Favorite - Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Oil,  KIKI LOVES

I first read about these tinted lip oils in a magazine and was thrilled to snag one during a recent trip to the grocery store of all places. You guys, I really love this product. I expected the consistency to be strange since it's an oil but honestly, it feels really nice on my lips. Although it doesn't stay on for very long, it makes my lips look smoother and more moisturized well after it's worn off. While is is on though, it delivers the prettiest shine. I'm currently using the Rustling Rose shade, but at just under $9 a pop, I'm looking forward to trying a few more. (They're currently on sale at Ulta, fyi.) Happy Sunday, friends!

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Pin Worthy No.1

Pin Worthy No. 1, Kiki Loves

This home tour is so gorgeous. I really love the soft color used throughout.

I love a good pimento cheese sandwich (especially grilled.) Looking forward to trying this recipe.

The houses from Big Little Lies and how much they cost. 

I can't get enough of The Great British Bake Off. Here's 23 reasons why.

This shop tour is filled with so much beautiful white and gold wedding goodness. (That dress! #hearteyes)

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Outfit Study • St. Patrick's Day Edition

The Perfect #StPaddysDay outfit, Kiki Loves

Happy Friday and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Green is a color I really do love, although I don't have much  of it in my closet for some reason. I'll take today as a reminder to change that, starting with something like this ruffle sleeve t-shirt. I've been eyeing culotte jeans, although I'm pretty sure I could never-ever pull them off. As for accessories, this rainbow clutch is as good as gold, and these slides could carry an outfit on their own. (Loving that big statement bow!) And although these dainty clover earrings couldn't be any more perfect for today, they'll bring a bit of luck to our lobes year round. All together, there's a lot going on here, but I think it works. Cheers a green beer to that! 

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Spring Sale

Kiki & Co. Spring Blog and Website Design Sale

Spring is such a lovely time of year...the flowers are blooming, windows are open and I have grand plans of doing some major Spring cleaning. (I'm looking at you, closets and storage unit.) It's also the perfect time to refresh your blog or website, or launch something completely new. I'm running a little Spring sale on website and blog design for the Squarespace and Blogger platforms, all orders of $250 or more will receive $50 off. I don't run sales very often, so this is the perfect time to take the leap if you've been considering a re-design or starting a new website/blog. Visit my studio site here for details. Happy Spring, friends!

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